200 habitual offenders house raided by Southeast and West Division police,more than 18  secured,Weapons,Ganja seized

200 habitual offenders house raided by Southeast and West Division police,more than 18  secured,Weapons,Ganja seized

200 habitual offenders house raided by Southeast and West Division police,more than 18  secured,Weapons,Ganja seized

Continuing crack down on active rowdies and habitual offenders,the Southeast and West  Division police conducted simultaneously raids on the houses of rowdies on Saturday. 

While some of them detained for questioning the others were warned and let off after receiving an undertaking from them.

The Southeast Division police team headed by Srinath Mahadev Joshi,Deputy commissioner of police,and his subordinates including assistant commissioner of police (ACP's), police inspectors (PI),police sub-inspectors (PSI) and constables conducted raids on houses of 63 rowdies in the early hours on Saturday,

The police have detained around 18 rowdies and are questioning them about their activities.

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Suresh@murder Suresh,Atavulla,Anand,Gautam, Manikanth,Anand @Bridge,Shiva@Handi Shiva,
Ambarish,Gejji Venkatesh Total houses searched 63 Rowdies secured 18 in Southeast Division.

This is the second simultaneous raids conducted by both the Division police in this month. 

Though the police teams did not find any weapons in the houses of these rowdies,but they found few documents and the rowdies were taken to the police station and were inquired about their present activities. 

These rowdies' houses were not raided during the last raids on July 10.Around 32 rowdies were not in their respective houses.The police are making efforts to trace them and to questioned them to ascertain their activities .

While the team headed by DCP West,Dr.Sanjeev M Patil,raided the houses of 63 rowdies in the evening. 

10 teams,2 police station areas,Chamarajpet- Anantpur,Tippu nagar,Vittal Nagar,Azad Nagar, Valmiki nagar,bande gudisalu 

Byatarayanapura- Kasturba nagar, Sanjay Nagar, avalahali, Byatarayanapura, bapujinagara, hosaguddadahalli, pantarapalya, shyamanna garden total 63 rowdy’s houses were raided and the team seized weapons and Ganja from some of the Rowdies house.

On Thursday Commissioner of Police,Kamal Pant,made surprise rounds and visit to Jnanabharati police station limits and interacted with public and staff.

He visited Ullal upanagara of jnanabharathi police station He interacted with public about ganja peddling and rowdy menace if any.He even Enquired about Hamid and others of the area

He has ordered to open a temporary outpost at Ullal to be headed by a PSI.He later visited police station and interacted with ACP,PI and staff.

He checked weekly leave availing of staff and called for proper weekly off.He enquired about cheating cases and other heinous cases both UI and pending trial and court warrants against the criminal activities in the jurisdiction and instructed them to be vigil and to control criminal activities in the limits.

Earlier in last week CCB raided the houses of notorious rowdies and had booked cases against them. 

It is very surprise that the police could not find any weapon from the houses, its suspected that many rowdies have become alert from the previous raids and decided not to keep any weapons at home.