ACB Raid continued after two days on BDA offices in Bengaluru unearthed large scale irregularities

ACB Raid continued after two days on BDA offices in Bengaluru unearthed large scale irregularities

The raid on BDA offices across the city carried by ACB officials on Friday continued even on Tuesday as the sleuths searched five offices situated across the city and unearthed large scale irregularities.

Over 100 officials formed into several teams carried out the search operation,in the offices including East BDA office, RT Nagar,Vijayanagar, HSR Layout and Banashankari offices and found massive irregularities which caused huge loss to the state exchequer.

According to the officials, in the land acquisition section,the officials and staff have allegedly created fake documents to facilitate rewarding compensation to non deserving persons.

There were huge irregularities while sanctioning CA sites which had been granted in HSR and HBCS layouts were misused.

Despite having the knowledge about the irregularities,despite having information,neither the officials nor the staff have initiated any action against the persons or organizations for violations. 

The location of the sites allocated to the beneficiaries have been changed illegally to give them sites in different locations.

Big dimension sites have not been alloted for personal gain and the officials and staff allegedly allowed private parties to encroach to build sheds illegally on these sites.This has caused huge loss to the state exchequer,the probe revealed.

Sites alloted to the land owners after land acquisition process has been granted to the actual beneficiaries,and the officials alloted such sites to others.

corner sites have also been allotted illegally instead of auctioning them as per the rules there are no proper records maintained.

In Kempegowda layout land acquisition compensation has been granted to third parties instead of actual owners.

The search continued at these offices and many persons have filed a complaint to ACB even on Tuesday.The ACB has requested people who have grievances or complaints can approach the ACB.

The ACB officials are probing further to ascertain who are the officials involved in the irregularities says a release by ACB.