India on 23 rd MAY

India on 23 rd MAY
India on 23 rd MAY

Bachendri Pal became  the first Indian woman to climb the Mount Everest in the year 1984 March 23  and  fifth in the world , just a day before her birthday.

She was born on May 24, 1954 , to a Bhotiya family in Nakuri village in Uttarakhand’ s Uttarakashi village. Her father Kishen Singh Pal was a tradesman involved in supplying groceries toTibet from India.

At the age of 12 she scaled 13,123 feet high peek with her friends during a school picnic.

She attended DAV Post college Graduate College,Dehradun . And  got degree in MA and Bed.

While attending Nehru institute of mountaineering she scaled Mt  Gangotri and Mt Rudragaria.She served as an instructor at training school for woman run by the National Adeventure Foundation.

Pal soon after she conquered the highest peak , she named as director of Tata steel Adventure Foundation. She remembers that Tata steel backed her when no one believed her.Even as her Family

Backed her brothers to higher education,Tata handed 1500 rupees before her climb.

In those days , that was a lot. In that era participation of women in sports was very less. Since then

She inspired hundreds of women to climb the mountains.

She got Gold medal for Excellence in Mountaineering by the Indian Mountaineering foundation and Padmashree in 1984.Arjuna award in 1986. National adventure  award 1994

 She awarded Padma Bhushan by govt of India in 2019.

Journey to mount Everest

The mountaineers buried in their camp by avalanche, and the team decided to return home. But determined Pal joined Ang  Dorgee  and some other mountaineers. Pal was the only women in the team.

On May 23, 1984, at around 1: 07 pm, the team reached the summit of Mount Everest of   8,848 m high.

Her autobiography titled  “ Everest – my journey to the Top “ was published by National Book Trust, Delhi.