Gold Smuggling, and now Drug deals, VIPs stars in fix.

Gold Smuggling, and now Drug deals, VIPs stars in fix.

M K Madhusoodan

Film personalities, politicians, other VIPs are in jitters fearing investigating agencies coming knocking at their doors seeking lead to drug mafia. Already two women actors are caught in the web of drug trafficking or for their close ties with the drug dealers and peddlers in Bengaluru.

All these developments was the  result of a media campaign after the untimely death of Hindi actor Sushanth Singh Rajput. The campaign  has investigating agencies summoning senior Kerala Minister and CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Bineesh.

Bineesh’s mistake was his hobnobbing with shady characters in Kerala and particularly with Bengaluru resident Anup Mohammed, suspected to be a kingpin drug deals. The Kerala Minister’s son Bineesh was a business partner to  Anup for a long time and used to support Anup with funds to run his drug racket and a restaurant which he ran to push drug business in Bengaluru for sometime.

Bineesh is suspected not only in drug business, but is suspected to help Kerala gold smuggling prime accused Mumtaz Ismail @Swapna Suresh. Mumtaz was able to get a job in Karala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan’s office using her proximity to Bineesh. He also arranged the escape route and hide-out for Mumtaz in Bengaluru after Customs tried to arrest her.

It was originally planned to arrange Mumtaz to reach Arunachal Pradesh, an easy entry to China from where she would to fly to some other country. But her plans went topsy turvy when Customs tapped her mobile calls and nabbed her in Bengaluru. It was Bineesh’s partner Anup and his other cotacts who arranged the hide-out.

He now faces advancing blood money to Anup for procurement of drugs through six of his shady finance companies.

According to a senior investigating officer of a central agency Bineesh was suspected to running a successful Hawala and Benami finance companies to fund drug deals and huge cash for smuggling gold from Gulf countries. Already the UAE government has commenced investigation in these cases. Bineesh will face multiple cases including money laundering, hawala deals, gold smuggling and drug deals, the officer said,

This may be the  scenario in Kerala as Bineesh was questioned at National Investigating Agency (NIA) office in Kochi. As case progresses, he will be brought to Bengaluru where his other partners in drug deals and Malayalam actor Nias is based. Not only that the NCB is also investigating funds pumped in a film with Malayalam superstar Mammooty.

Another Senior officer said crores of unaccounted money is spent in film production and “there is a need to keep tab on Casinos, night party joints where a large group of students, foreign nationals, software professionals frequent and become addicts to drugs. “This curse to humanity is spread across the all film fields. There are as many as 100 personalities in politics, film field. We are getting feelers from some quarters even ruling BJP leaders and those from opposition are also involved it the drug mafia in Karnataka,” a Narcotics Control Bureau officer confided. He added that even the working of home stays and resorts used as party jaunts should be checked time to time.