I’m Proud to be wife of Doctor- actor Sanjjanaa Galrani .

I’m Proud to be wife of Doctor- actor Sanjjanaa Galrani .

Doctors are the “Real Hero’s” & they proved the same during the pandemic , After God If some one stood by Mankind and saved us Risking there own lives it was Doctors ,  … Thousands of Doctors / Nurses / in the Hospitals Sacrificed there own life during the Pandemic around the Globe , while other wise they totally had a option to just stay home & stay safe with there families   . 

I being the wife of a Vascular Surgeon  , Many times told my Husband please take a off atleast for a month while Corona is peaking and we had arguments at length , he clearly told me that his life was meant to serve the people who are diseased and suffering  .. and that was his most important priority and his priority stood above his family too , and this has never gone down very well with me as in my case like every other women my family is first my priority & then any one else . 

How ever life , Marriage & Companionship survives with understanding , and accommodating each other’s thought process and respecting the decisions made . Not just that you were the one Dr.Azeez.Pasha to inspire me , Empower me & Motivate me to serve as a Frontline worker leaving my fear of the pandemic behind and serve the Needy extensively every day During the Lock Down . 

On this Day I would like to wish All the “ REALHEROS”  A very Happy doctors Day , “ Thank you “ for saving Millions of people around the Globe and Serving the Mankind “SELFLESSLY” like None other .

Thanking you for every thing , I’m Proud to be your wife Doctor Saab . 

- Sanjjanaa Galrani .