Modi 2: Ahead of all Others in Popularity.

Modi 2: Ahead of all Others in Popularity.
Pm narendra modi

M. K. Madhusoodan

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi steps into his second year of his second term in the Prime Minister’s office, there is frantic attempt among the opposition, mainly the  dynasty party of Congress, to find an issue to tarnish his image and to create damage in his popularity. But that seems to take much longer time like the fight against Chinese virus, Covid-19. The entire opposition is in complete disarray and no attempt to bring them together looks remote.

The Italian Congress Supremo Sonia@ Antonia Maino’s attempt to plant fake stories through online news media failed. Though there is a large army of cyber fakes who are ready to obey the orders of dynasty. Fake news fake social media accounts using abusive language against the Union Government ruling party has been a daily routine.
The mass protest using only people from one religious identity has turned out to be a bonus for Aam Admi Party (AAP). But did not benefit Congress which distanced from AAP. But the violence unleashed by some supporters of AAP diminished AAP’s reputation among the Delhi resident. Together with this, Delhi Government faced the failure to ineffectively combating Covid-19 infection, that is showing rise in numbers day by  day.
There is an economic crisis all through the world in the Corona Virus season. But all opposition focussed was on an impending economic doomsday only restricted to India. But Prime Minister  Narendra Modi in his inimitable way announced a slew of economic programmes. Hope the package will succeed.
Modi’s priority was in arranging trains and buses for  migrant labourers and flights to Expatriates, students stuck in far off lands. Even he held discussions and sought the in-puts from opposition ruled states. He faced no refusal from any of the states, except from West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee.
Congress did not stop their attack though it had realised that the migrant workers issue was a gigantic task and required highly professional approach which the Union Government undertook very effectively. While his adversaries attempted mudslinging in every aspect of Union Governmet’s sphere  of governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi saw his popularity soaring close to 70 per cent.
Perhaps, that might be a blessing in disguise granted by Maharashtra Government which shamelessly demonstrated its utter failure to contain Covid-19 in the nation’s economic capital, Mumbai. The ‘’Aghadi’’ ( coalition government) in Maharashtra in which Congress has a large stake, failed miserably to protect even ‘Corona Warriors’ both in health sector and the police force. “This seems like the reflection of past failures of Congress. Mumbai looks like a mirror of Congress culture. An example how system can collapse in the absence of a captain to lead a team during a crisis. The issue of millions of stranded migrant  labourers from far off places showed how a tragedy will unfold if is not dealt effectively during its initial days. And only Congress has to take the blame,” say a senior political analyst. Human suffering cannot be mitigated through discussions on economic platform, but through timely intervention as it is aimed at mitigating human suffering.