Toddler from a village of Yadgiri district stuns everyone with her God’s gift memory

Yadagiri( Karnataka): Prateeksha Sajjan, a 2 year- old kid from Bendaganbhali village, Yadagiri district stuns with her amazing knowledge. When kids of her age start to speak a few words, this wonder kid tells Vedic chants daily. She starts her daily routine with chewing Tulsi leaves and then she have water and food.

When she was one and a half year old, her mother taught her name of the things, Kannada letters, kagunita and name of the vegetables. Whenever her mother taught new things she grasped easily and repeated in her lovely voice. When the kid showed interest in learning new things her mother Sitara began to teach her. She tells the capital cities of all the states of India. Her parents Mallikarjun Sajjan and Sitara want to claim Guinness record for her extra ordinary memory. Villagers of Bendaguli are amazed at the toddler’s memory. They are all wishing her a bright future.