World Mental Health Day-2021 was organised and inaugurated by the Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta 


Bengaluru :In the Dr Rajkumar glass House of the central office of BBMP 'World Mental Health Day-2021' was organised and inaugurated by the Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta along with,Special Commissioner (Health) D Randeep,Chief Health Officer,Dr Vijendra,Dr Prathima Murthy,Deputy Director (Mental Health) Dr Rajani P,Professor AOD of NIMHANS and other officials were present.

Speaking after the inauguration of the programme,Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta said,Mental Health is a very important topic.Many people ignore the mental health issues. 

There should be a reporting of mental health issues.There should be a awareness amongst the citizens further more and it's a very necessity aspect. 

In order to this,Palike's ASHA workers will understand the importance of this topic,and go create awareness amongst the public about Mental Health. 

In all the Palike's Primary Health centers every Tuesday under the Manochaitanya Clinic,mental health issues and all types of health issues pertaining to mental health will be discussed free of cost.  

Citizens are advised to visit the nearest Primary Health center and avail treatment and information from the center. 

Railway Police Division,ADGP,Bhaskar Rao speaking at the event said,when an environment is not good,garden work and AC Room work will be under stress. 

Being in a responsible position we should support the government workers and the public will respect us and follow our directions. 

Everything needs to have a limit.Everyone should do exercise,Yoga,breathing practice and asanas should be practiced. 

If you keep the phone away,there will be a mental peace.When mental stress begins,all problems will be created.These days,we can express anything.If we keep everything in the mind,then more problems will be created. 

Going to Temples,Churches,Mosques is not only to offer prayer,one can also to find peace there. Even Palike has many responsibilities. 

All workers and staff needs to have the strength to carry out all activities and I hope everyone gets the strength to work well and live happily smiling and it will definitely reduce the stress at work. 

NIMHANS Director Professor,Dr Pratima Murthy said these days children and youngsters are having mental health issues and we need to focus on that majorly.We shouldn't see body and mind as two different entities.How body is important, the same way, mind and heart is also important.