BBMP sets up 32 triage centres in Bengaluru: Patients can directly walk-in for treatment


*BBMP sets up 32 triage centres in Bengaluru: Patients can directly walk-in for treatment*

Six additional triage centres have been added to the 26 Triage centres that have already been established to provide immediate care for Covid-infected people by means of a physical triage in the 8 BBMP zones. 

At the Physical Triage Centres (PTC) a team of doctors will be working 24 hours a day to provide immediate medical attention to Covid infected people.

PTCs have oxygenated beds and are equipped with all primary health care facilities. Patients with low symptoms are also treated and stabilisation care is provided to patients.

3 doctors and 3 nurses will be working at the Triage Centre 24 hours a day. Pulse oxymeter, thermal scan, necessary drugs will be stocked to monitor the health status of the infected. Tje patients are also provided with medical kits on the spot.

Covid infected persons can come directly to Triage Centres. The centres are provided with nodal offciers and 24*7 helpline.  

The doctors at the Triage Centres will assess the patients with symptoms and recommend home isolation/Covid Care Centre or hospitalisation beaded on the severity of their condition. 

*Information on 26 Triage centres:*

-26 Triage Centres have been opened in the city's Covid Care Centres and Maternity Hospitals.  The centers have a total of 2,486 beds, with 1995 general and 491 oxygen beds.

- 283 Covid19 patients were triaged untill yesterday. 260 patients have been triaged in 26 centres till 6 AM today.

-A total of 991 people, including the those admitted through Central Hospital Bed Management System and those who come directly, are receiving treatment. 1,495 beds are available for treatment. 

- 65 Marshalls are deployed to 26 Triage Centres.

-Information on 6 additional Triage Centers has been attached along with this release.