BJP is in a fearful mood due to public outrage 

BJP is in a fearful mood due to public outrage 

Chamarajanagar, June 27:

People are outraged by the misgovernance of the State Government. Fearing this outrage, BJP leaders are not going to the people, said KPCC president DK. Shivakumar on Sunday.

He reacted to the media, while visiting the homes of the deceased in Chamarajanagar, who passed away recently due to dearth of oxygen.

The government initially said that only three people died of oxygen deficiency in Chamarajanagar. When we visited here, it was discovered that 28 were dead.

The High Court for the first time sent a team of retired Judges to the place  to enquire and it was found that nealry 36 people had passed away. 

These are not deaths, but murders, murders committed by the government. No action has been taken in regarding these murders. The central government announced 4 lakh compensation from the Disaster Management Fund and later withdrew. 10 lakh assistance has been declared in Andhra Pradesh, but no one from this government has come here and gave the victims' families courage. Their difficulties were not heard.

Various courts have stated that the government and the Election Commission are responsible for these murders. But the government has not taken action against the officials and ministers responsible for this. People have to decide wether the Government is alive or dead.

Realizing the responsibility of the opposition, we have done a lot to reassure these people. I bow down on behalf of the people of the state and bow to the High Court, who stood for the people of this state and gave relief of 2 lakh to the bereaved people.

As the KPCC president I am meeting the families of all 36 victims today. I looked forward to the  government meeting him, but they did not meet. We were forced to come here seeing their distressed condition, and to provide them relief of 1 lakh from the Party’s side. 

Yeddyurappa may be from Shivamoggga, but he should keep in mind that he is the Chief Minister of the entire state and all the people of the state are his. He should have concern for the affected and deceased.
If the Chief Minister could not come and meet  people, what happened to the ministers? Why didn't the District Ministers, Health Ministers and Covid in charge come and visit?

Everyone wants a share in Bangalore. They don't want people's grief.

The government says 30 thousand are dead from Covid. However, death certificates of 3 lakh people have been obtained. Thus death figures have  to be audited. Congress will raise the issue in the House.

The party has launched a nationwide outreach program to reassure people affected by  Covid. Throughout the state, our workers will go house to house, collect information of the deceased, Unemployed and the distressed people who are affected due to  Covid. Relief aid will be sought through Tehsildars and the District Collectors.

The chair is important for the BJP. They are fearful of the people of this State as to when they will overthrow them from their Chair. We see in the media how outraged people are in the state. They are not coming out in fear of that outrage. People who are in power are blamed, not those who are not in power.

People's lives are spoiled. We have come here to give them confidence to start a new life. '