Covid lockdown: Volunteers of Jain Community &  Ek Koshish Prayatnisi distribute food packets to needy in Bengaluru : 


Covid lockdown: Volunteers of Jain Community &  Ek Koshish Prayatnisi distribute food packets to needy in Bengaluru : 

Jain Community along with Ek koshish prayatnisi group with Aashayein group of volunteers and friends all over the city have sprung into action, doing every bit they can for helping covid victims and people who are in need of food they are moving around the city and distributing food packets.

The group of friends have teamed up to provide,Ration kits, food packets,water bottles,medicine to the homeless and Senior citizens and poor people,since the lockdown was imposed.

To help the Karnataka Government during coronavirus lockdown,a number of NGOs,police officials and individuals have been doing their bit to help marginalized communities across the nation.

The group is delivering around 1,000 food packets to the homeless people in Bengaluru daily.The group,along with police’s help, distributes food packets while ensuring that Covid appropriate behaviour and guidelines issued by government is maintained as well.

From raising funds to arranging for covid resources,Bengalureans are doing it all. is not far behind either.The association has been raising funds to prepare ration kits for the families of daily wage workers, Migrant labourer and Transgender community and underprivileged people affected by the pandemic.

Each of these kits contain essential grocery items like rice, atta, dal, sugar, oil etc. Each kit is enough to feed a family of four for around 10 days. 

They start distribution in the afternoon by loading around 1000 food packets prepared at their residence and drive around in their vehicle across city.

As I sit before the computer, typing this story in the comfort of my home,I cannot help but acknowledge the privilege that working from home policy brings to people like me.

But what happens to those who do not have this option? The worst-affected are daily wage earners like domestic help,security guards, Auto Rickshaw drivers,handcart pullers, and waste pickers.

With their work and mode of income disrupted, the coming weeks look bleak for them, as their families run out of supplies.

In these testing times,a few heroes have stepped up to extend a helping hand.Here are the team members of EK Koshish Prayatnisi,and Jain Community which has started a initiatives in Bengaluru city,ensuring that the needy do not go to bed hungry.

According to Sandeep Bagarecha,and Vinod Jain,said people from all parts of corner have received ration kits and Apart from this our teams are distributing food packets to daily wage workers street vendors, frontline warriors and many others in many areas we have team of around 50 members we all are working as a team work to help the needy as our aim is that no one should sleep Hungry.

The volunteers who are doing a noble service in distributing food packets and ration kits to the needy and transgender community as many are businessman, techies,social workers and others.

The team members as,Sandeep Bagarecha and Vinod Jain share their experience how they started to help needy people as a "Friend in need is Friend in deed "

How did you take this initiative?

The team members shared their experience to Country and politics Reporter by telling that 
Last year we saw that a mass exodus of daily wage earners from Bengaluru with no work and no money were stranded for sometime but many NGOs and police department helped them by giving them shelter and food so we joined hands to make sure that no one sleep Hungry.

That lot was the worst affected.They without any transport resorted to walking miles to return home. I was deeply moved. Then I decided to alleviate their sufferings by giving them something to survive such catastrophic times.

Is there a reason that you have chosen to help the middle class people unlike the previous year when the novel coronavirus entered India?

Middle class is the section of society that gets sandwiched between the lower and upper strata and it has to suffer in silence. 

They cannot go about asking for food or standing in long queues as this may embarrass them.Above all, they do not want it be publicized that they need help and they are being helped. 

When our team approached such families, we realised that they were a lot in numbers and had been living hand-to-mouth.Some of them were even from posh resident colonies but they were apprehensive that if they get out and ask for help their photo might appear in newspapers or on social media.

How do you reach them?

Our team members started working as soon as the second wave hit.They provide me with the list of such families whom I reach out on phone and we distribute the 'Corona Care Kit' to people. We keep their names away from the public domain as well which I find unethical.

The volunteers identified such families in distress who desperately needed food.There were some families who had nothing to eat for days.

Would you continue helping after the corona crisis is over?

Of course, I find myself fortunate enough to help people in pain. God forbid, if bad time befalls them. However, I shall be available round the clock to help them.

Do you feel the financial pinch when you are out to help at such a scale?

I endeavour to help the needy in whatever capacity I can. I feel money crunch sometimes but then I have friends who always become a part of the mission I undertake.

What message, in these fragile times, would you like to convey to people?

I appeal to all to help those who are fighting for bare minimum. Don’t make fun of the impoverished state of these hapless people by filming or clicking their pictures and uploading them on sites which is utterly humiliating for them. 

They can't but withdraw their outstretched hands in shame when such elements angle for photo opportunity with such tragedy-torn people they said .

Senior officer, of police department said our officers and men and doing a great job as it is an Excellent gesture by them who are distributing food packets and even ration kits to migrants and auto rickshaw driver who are worstly effected in this lockdown.

We appreciate and thank all the NGOs who are coming forward to feed the needy people and making all efforts to see to it no one should sleep Hungry so our officers and men are joining hands with and in many stations our Police personnel with their own cost are helping the road side people,and street vendors.

Recently Magadi road traffic police inspector Raju along with ACP Traffic West joined hands with NGOs and volunteers and distributed ration kits to needy as middle class and poor people in the area.

Another Senior officer said,Excellent work by jain community in Chamarajapete area