DJ Halli, KG Halli violence, beyond local politics, but a pan-India conspiracy?

DJ Halli, KG Halli violence, beyond local politics, but a pan-India conspiracy?

M K Madhusoodan

Does National Investigation Agency (NIA) qualify to investigate into wide-spread violence, arson, rioting and looting in areas coming under localities identified as most communally sensitive places  as per police records? If one goes to the past incidence of communal violence in Bengaluru of 1990s including the aftermath pf Babri Masjid demolition and Urdu news telecast on Doordarshan. The riots in Ramanagaram district, erstwhile Bengaluru Rural district during same period did not have heady communal colour but sprang out of local skirmishes.

What is more disturbing is that the August 11 wide spread violence against a particular community, including arson of police station, individual houses, shops, vehicles  and innumerable houses is sure to attract  NIA role to investigate it in a wide spectrum and in the interest of Bengaluru, the technology capital of India. The perpetrators has single aim: to tarnish Bangalore’s image and destroy its rising investment opportunity. Local police suspected the hands of Muslim outfits like Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Popular Front of India (PFI), and Karnataka Forum for Dgnity, all three most  rabid and radical Muslim outfits.

These pro-Muslim groups which were dormant till the union Government signed abrogation of Article 370, banning of Triple Talaq and the foundation stone laying of Ram Temple had raised their hood.  Anti-CAA stir was aimed at their misplaced fear of losing citizenship and they always propagated that BJP rule in this country will lead to Muslim genocide, a theory no right thinking citizen can decipher. Such propaganda has basis on 1921 Khilafat  movement that sprang out anti-Hindu sentiment that resulted in Hindu genocide Kerala had ever seen.

 In fact historians after historians have termed the Khilaft movement  as a communal violence that had origins in supporting Caliphate rule in Turkey.  But Congress leaders gave ample support only to withdraw it, when Gandhiji and others leaders found the Khilafat movement In Kerala turning into Moplah (Kerala Muslims) rebellion. The rebellion witnessed mass killings of Hindus in areas coming under Malappuram and Palakad districts.

Intelligence sources reveal that presence of national leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shan and Modi’s rising popularity globally and especially among Islamic countries has broken the back born of the radical outfits. The anti-CAA protests and then the Delhi riots is anything that points a finger towards these outfits who receives large financial support from abroad.

In fact, the July 5 haul of crores worth of smuggled gold at Tiruvananthapuram airport and the kingpin Mumtaz Ismail @ Swapna Suresh also raised strong doubts that strengthened the financial support enjoyed by these groups. The women, a school drop-out gained entry into Kerala Secretariat to be close to the Kerala Chief Minister to promote her nefarious activity. Illegal gold smuggling used to raise funds for anti-national activities.

Some senior officials at Intelligence Bureau has warned this writer that the state government should get into the details of activities of PFI, SDPI, KFD which has active support, both moral and financial, to nurture their goals from some politicians.

“We have already seen it in Mangalore arson and rioting some months ago. An officer who did not wish to identify said. Mere depiction of Hindu Gods in bad light and a equally damaging retaliatory Facebook post on Mohammed cannot be a valid reason for such a calculated wide-spread violence targeted towards Hindus residing in a Muslim-dominated areaof Bengaluru, he added.