Former Minister Varthur Prakash kidnapped case Cracked Six people arrested by Kolar police:

Former Minister Varthur Prakash kidnapped case Cracked Six people arrested by Kolar police:

Kolar police have arrested six habitual offenders including Kaviraj associate of Ravi Pujari and cracked the kidnapping case of former MLA Varthur Prakash.

Close to a month of painstaking investigation,the Kolar police team headed by Kolar SP, Karthik Reddy cracked the kidnap case of former minister Varthur Prakash and arrested a gang of six habitual offenders.

The accused has been identified as,Kaviraj,S Likhith,Ullas,Manoj,Raghavendra and Praveen.

Seemanth kumar Singh,Inspector General of police,Central range,who supervised the investigation,told reporters here that the accused Kaviraj is habitual offender having over 10 criminal cases in and around Bengaluru and Tamilnadu.

The accused hailed from Himachal Pradesh but settled in Hosur working real estate and land broker. He formed a gang identifying people with money and abduct them to ransom.

Recently he came to know about Mr.Prakash business venture and decided to target. As per the plan,he abducted Prakash and his driver and demanded Rs 30 crore before settling it for Rs. 48 lakh.

The police who took up the investigations analyzed the CCTV footage at the coffee shop where the ransom was paid.

The police have also analysed call record details of the suspects before zeroing in on the accused identified as,S Likhith,Ullas,Manoj,Raghavendra and Praveen.

The police have also seized a bike used to get the ransom amount two cars,lethal weapons and cash Rs. 20.5 lakh from the accused.

The police continue massive manhunt for others accused who are on the run.Mr.Singh said that five special teams have been formed to probe the case.

Kaviraj was operating from outside and giving instructions to his associated over the phone.After his associates were arrested the police used one of the accused as bait to track down Kaviraj.

After his associate was asked by police to call him to come near Madhurai to meet him.kaviraj came to the spot but suspecting fishy he tried to escape.However the police chased him.For few kilometres in a car and arrested him.

However the associate of Kaviraj escaped from police custody.We have taken kaviraj into custody for further investigation Mr. Singh added.

Finally DG&IGP,Praveen Sood,has appreciated,IGP,Central, Seemanth kumar singh,Kolar SP, Karthik Reddy,and his whole team for the commendable and exemplary work done by them who has solved the clueless kidnap case the team were felicilated by IGP Central, Seemanth kumar singh,and a suitable reward will be given to the team he added .