Four missing children from Bengaluru found in Mangaluru

Four missing children from Bengaluru found in Mangaluru


A group of three children along with a 21-year-old student who went missing from their apartment in Soladevanahalli were traced to Mangaluru on Tuesday.

The children had travelled for almost three days to different locations finally landed up in Mangaluru bus stand and exhausted with no money.

Senior officer told reporters,Few autorickshaw drivers noticed the girl calling her aunt from a telephone booth to inquiring about an address alerted the police who rescued them and informed the police .

The children cited pressure about the studies decided to go to a remote village and settle packed their belongings,collected jewels and some cash and boarded train to Belagavi before travelling to Arasikere,Mysuru and other places before landing finally at Mangaluru .

All the children are safe and the police team along with the parents went to bring them back  home,Dharmendra Kumar Meena,DCP,North Division,said.

The police will counsel the children to ascertain if there are any other reason which led them leave their houses .

It may be recalled that another group of three children who went missing from their houses in Bagalagunte to Mysore and returned to Bengaluru were rescued near Anand Rao circle on Monday.