*Health n Medical Education Minister urges centre to provide more vaccine*

*Health n Medical Education Minister urges centre to provide more vaccine*

*Health & Medical Education Minister urges centre to provide more vaccine*

*Centre praises Karnataka for high RT-PCR testing*

*Bengaluru – April 6, 2021*: 

Health & Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar has appealed to the Union Government to provide more doses of vaccines to Karnataka in order to control the pandemic. He was speaking to the media here on Tuesday after participating in the Union Health Minister’s VC with the Health Ministers of 11 states/Union territories.

The Minister has explained the measures taken in the state including speeding up of testing to control the second wave in the state. Minister also requested the centre to allocate more vaccine to state and explained about the need to increase in availability of Oxygen for the patients. 

Speaking on the Covid guidelines, the Minister insisted that there should be uniform guidelines across the country regarding cinema halls, interstate travelling, meetings and other public gatherings. This will help in more clearer instructions and easy to follow. Therefore, all affected states should have a uniform guidelines to make people aware of the seriousness of the situation, he said. 

We are conducting 1.15 lakh to 1.25 lakh tests per day. 2,19,87,431 tests were accomplished as of 5th April. Out of which 1,77,66,796 are RTPCR tests he said. State’s mortality rate stands at 1.24%. it is at 0.47% since March 1st. Bengaluru records 1.03% mortality rate and 0.42% since March 1st, he explained.

We have implemented Covid guidelines like compulsory wearing of masks, maintaining physical distance etc. a penalty of Rs.250 is imposed for not following the guidelines. We have also identified sensitive containment zones. We are declaring the places with more than 5 cases as sensitive zones. Said the Minister.

*Instructions to Private Hospitals*
Beds have been reserved for Covid patients in the private hospitals as well. Private hospitals are instructed to keep 20% beds reserved for Covid. 50% beds will be reserved if required. Restriction of 200 people has been imposed for the events held in closed enclaves and 500 for outdoor ceremonies. Classes from 1-9 is stopped and option given for 10-12 students. Boarding schools and hostels have been shut. Classes of higher education is also closed said Dr.Sudhakar.

Restrictions for use of Gyms in apartments, only 50% people are allowed at a time in Gymnasiums. Protests are banned, 50% seating allowed in cinema halls to prevent gathering. Bar and pubs are allowed to 50% of their capacity in 8 districts said the Minister.

*Centre praises Karnataka for testing more*

2.19 crore tests have been conducted in the state and 95% of them have been RT-PCR tests. No other state has conducted such large scale RT-PCT testing. Union Monster praised Karnataka on this. More tests lead to early detection and timely treatment which reduces fatality. High number of testing also helps to identify primary and secondary contacts at an early stage. This has been our strategy and it was successful last year and we will continue to follow this strategy, minister said.