Karnataka IPS officer files dowry harassment, physical abuse case against IFS officer husband and his family :

Karnataka IPS officer files dowry harassment, physical abuse case against IFS officer husband and his family :

Karnataka IPS officer files dowry harassment, physical abuse case against IFS officer husband and his family :

A 2010-batch Karnataka IPS officer,Vartika Katiyar, has filed a complaint of dowry-related violence and harassment case against her husband,IFS officer,Niteen Subhash Yeola and his family in Bengaluru.

IPS officer,Vartika Katiyar has filed dowry harassment complaint against her husband,an IFS officer serving in Delhi and his relatives who allegedly harassed her for dowry and physical torture.

Other than Niteen,six other family members have been named as the accused in the case.His father,Subhash Yeola,mother,Amol Yeola,and relatives Sunita Yeola,Sachin Yeola,Prajakta Yeola and Pradnya Yeola have been named as accused.

In her complaint Ms.Katiyar,said,that she was married to Niteen Subhash Yeola on 7-11-2011 at Bhusaval in Maharashtra. 

The entire engagement and marriage expenses were borne by the complainant parents.At the time of marriage complainant husband and their family members demanded and forced the complainant’s parents to give gold ornaments. 

After marriage,Niteen and his family members started fighting and abusing with complainant in filthy language for no reason and gave mental torture.

After 3 months of marriage,complainant’s husband and his family members demanded money from her and threatened to break the marriage in case she failed to give Rs.3 lakhs to family members.    

She further said that she had transferred Rs.3 lakhs to their account.Many times by threatening and blackmailing by complainant’s husband and his family members,the complainant and her family gave money to husband. 

In 2012 complainant husband,Niteen went to her old grandmother’s house in UP and borrowed Rs.  5 lakhs.

Ms.Katiyar came to know about this and demanded Niteen to return the money.Though Nitin agreed and returned money of Rs.5 lakhs through cheque but it got bounced. 

Complainant many times requested her husband to quit his habit of smoking and drinking,but,her husband took it as negatively and abused her and torture physically and mentally. 

In 2016 when complainant visited Colombo 
with her husband,he hit her with marble box,due to which her hand was fractured,causing immense trauma to her not only physically but also mentally. 

During complainants third trimester pregnancy the complainant’s husband and his family members abused and tortured her and sent her forcefully to her parent’s home.

In 2018 during the Diwali festival,complainant husband and his family members had gone 
to Colombo,she had gone there too.On the last day of the visit,her husband and his family members hurled abused at her and her parents for not sending gifts and again threatened with divorce.

Many times complainant husband and his parents,brothers and their wives demanded 
Rs.35 lakhs as dowry to purchase house in complainant’s name. 

The indecent behavior of her husband Niteen Yeola,his parents,brothers,their wives and other relatives and repeated demand of dowry,mental and physical torture compelled her to file the complaint she said in her complaint.

Senior officer,told media persons,based on the complaint,the Cubbon park police on Feb 1, registered a case charging Niteen Subhash Yeola and his family members under dowry prohibition act along with assault,cheating and criminal Intimidation .

Since the incident occurred in New Delhi where the accused officer working in Indian Embassy the case will be transferred to the jurisdictional Delhi police for further investigation he added.