*KPCC launches Statewide outreach campaign to gather data of Covid-affected people*

*KPCC launches Statewide outreach campaign to gather data of Covid-affected people*

*KPCC launches Statewide outreach campaign to gather data of Covid-affected people*

Bengaluru, June 24:

Karnataka Congress on Thursday launched a Statewide 'Outreach Campaign' with an objective to provide relief to the people affected by COVID-19 and to collect data regarding the same.

KPCC Chief DK Shivakumar said, "Through this campaign, the party aims at providing relief especially to those who have kept essential services running but are not recognised as the frontline workers and to those worst affected by the pandemic, as well as gathering data of COVID affected and deceased family members.”

The Party has decided to engage party cadres from Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) to the Panchayat level for establishing contact with target groups in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas as per AICC’s directive.

"This campaign would help us disseminate information regarding issues related to COVID and post-COVID care and identifying the demands of COVID-affected families, in order to raise them politically.

This outreach program shall be done by organising visits by local leaders (at the level of District, Block, and Taluka) to the households of the COVID-affected families," DK Shivakumar said.

According to the KPCC Chief, the outreach program by the party will directly cover all the one-crore plus households of Karnataka in 30 days.

For the outreach program, KPCC will identify five urban/semi-urban target groups and five rural groups and it will also be setting up a control room to collect the data.

"Government of Karnataka is hiding actual Covid deaths," so we want to uncover the actual figures and put it out in front of them.” – said DK Shivakumar.

“We also demand a death audit by the Government. Deaths in Karnataka have been misrepresented. They have reported only around 30,000 deaths but they seem to have crossed a lakh mark. The government has not done a proper survey regarding this. They just announced the 1 lakh relief package and did not act further.

They didn’t take a timely decision on vaccination too, and even denied our proposal of providing 100-Crore for the same.

People are in a real tough situation, and most segments need adequate relief, but the State Government has made a joke of the situation by providing relief of just 1,000 - 3,000 rupees, which is not sufficient in any way. The Central as well as the State Governments are unaware of the problems being faced by the people of this State,” he said.

Already 15,000 Congress Party workers across the State are working on the ground and providing relief and support to the people.

 Moving forward we will be streamlining the process more and put in more efforts to make sure people are provided with adequate relief and support. – DK Shivakumar said to conclude his speech.
KPCC Working Presidents Shri Saleem Ahmed, Shri Dhruvanarayan, and Congress leader VR Sudarshan were present on the occasion.

*Even you could try to become a CM;  DKS Jocular Comment on Media Personnel*

We have seen even the people who loose the elections also become a CM of the State. Not only the 224 elected members can become CM, others too can.

Our State has seen such thing in the past. Shri Devraj Urs and Shri Ramakrishna Hegde had become CM’s even after loosing and not contesting elections.
So you should also try for the same said DK Shivakumar aiming his comment at the Media.

This comment was made after the Media reported that Former DCM Dr. G. Parameshwara who had visited the Suttur Math was branded by his supporters as the next chief minister. So DK Shivakumar replied to that in a jocular tone.
Suttur Math Swamiji doesn’t have any political bias. He blesses everyone who go to their abode.

When Swamijis Mother had passed away recently I could not go instantly, but went there soon after to pay my condolence.

Let Ashok look forward to solve his own Party’s mess rather than pointing fingers at others.

On the issue of R Ashoks Comment on leadership void in Congress. DK Shivakumar Said Mr Ashok Should First handle his own mess rather than pointing out at others issues.

Congress, always ready to defend civil rights
When informed that some political parties have said that the CAA movement should begin again, DK Shivakumar replied, "It is our duty to take care of the interests of the people, their sovereignty and their citizenship." These are the rights of every citizen of the country. We will always stand by their defense.