Let the Government purchase the crops of the Farmer: DK Shivakumar Demands


Let the Government purchase the crops of the Farmer: DK Shivakumar Demands


KPCC President DK Shivakumar is demanding the Government to directly purchase the Horticultural crops such as Flowers, Fruits and vegetables.
In a press conference on Tuesday, Dk Shivakumar shared with the press that,
The Farmer is selling chilli for 1-2 rupee which was had the price of 40-50Rs before. Some Farmers are using their own crops as fertilizers. They are allowed only for two hours are to sell their crops. The state of North Karnataka Farmers is horrible. I have personally visited and witnessed their tragic situation and struggles. I would like to be their voice and fight for their needs.

I would request the Chief Minister. We are not sure if your package will reach them or not. But take the initiative f purchasing their crops with a reasonable price. 

You can pay them after a month. But first, purchase their crops immediately before they decay.

According to your package, a relief of 100/- per pond will be provided. The farmers will never apply and wait for such a small amount. So create a team and purchase the crops of the farmers. You can pay the farmers half the price of what you sell for.

This is not real package, but reel package. Around 25 lakh drivers are dependent on driving. Among Savitha Samaja, Weavers and many more Unorganized Laborers, how many of them have applied??
The Government is not saving the suffered ones. The BBMP is demanding the taxes even though the Merchants were not allowed to do business for a single day.

How will the Theatre owners pay the Taxes? Liquors shops are allowed till 10 o clock while Farmers are allowed only till 8 o clock. This timing is  not even sufficient to open and close the shop. Then How will the shop run?

The party is assisting people of the entire State. 
Our party leaders have commanded the representatives to provide Ration Kits, and help the poop. As per the guidance, the process of distribution is being made successfully. 

More than 200 ambulances are serving the people in need.

Our Former Prime Minister HD Devegowda is the pride of our State. He was the Prime Minister of our country 25 years ago to this day. Nobody has got such a great opportunity. He did a great justice to such an opportunity by serving the people selflessly.

Usually North Indians don’t accept a South Indian Leader so easily. But Devegowda Ji has grown to such a great position because of his efforts. When he became the Prime Minister, we were whole heartedly happy by forgetting our political differences.
I wish him all the wellness. His guidance is much needed to the State

MPs are following Gandhi’s Principle:
The MPs are following Gandhi’s priniple. They are not raising their voice as representatives of the People of Karnataka.
K Sudhakar should concentrate on vaccinating the people: 
the Health Minister K Sudhakar should follow his duty as a Government representative and help the people with medical needs.