*Nirani gets emotional over allegations against him
* CM will hold the meeting soon
* Committed to safeguard farmers' interest

Bengaluru, September 14: **Large and Medium Industries Minister Murugesh R Nirani **on Tuesday said that government will take a decision on reviving Mysugar factory in Mandya soon. The minister made the statement in the Upper House saying that the CM will chair a meeting with farmers and people's representatives after the monsoon session and take a suitable decision.

Nirani was replying to question on Pandavapura sugar factory on behalf of Minister Shankar Patil Munenakoppa under rule 330 in the council.

Expressing his displeasure over allegations against him, Nirani got emotional and denied charges. "I got Pandavapura sugar factory for lease and restarted it to help farmers but it was bitter experience for me," Nirani rued.

Making a categorical statement, Nirani said he won't bid for the factory. "I would like to make it very clear from this House, I will not bid for Mysugar factory. Let there be no doubt about this" Nirani clarified. 

Nirani said he restarted Pandavapura factory amid pandemic but still some people leveling charges against him. "I invested Rs 50 crore on the sugar factory more than a year ago, till date I have not received the lease documents. I started it within 90 days to help farmers but some people leveled charges against me," said emotional minister

Denying the charges over using profits, the minister swore on Goddess Chamundeshwari to rebut charges. "It was decided to use the profits here and never intended to transfer it to north Karnataka. Many sugar factories have gone bankrupt in the state. It's not an easy task to run a sugar factory. I had to face charges despite crushing sugarcane on time and making payment to farmers and salary to workers," Nirani stated

The minister said management should run the factory without depending on the government and fix the problems by finding them.

JD(S) member KT Srikante Gowda who raised the question, suggested government to run the factory by making Murugesh Nirani chairman of the board and use his expertise to make it profitable. BJP member Tejaswini Gowda expressed similar views and wanted government to name Nirani and use his experience to revive the loss-making factory.

Satisfied with the reply of the minister in the House, members from both the ruling and opposition parties appreciated Nirani by thumping the desks.