Offline classes suspended for students of classes VI to IX in Bengaluru - S Suresh Kumar : 


Offline classes suspended for students of classes VI to IX in Bengaluru - S Suresh Kumar : 

With the rise in COVID-19 cases,the government has decided to suspend on-campus lessons for students of classes VI to IX across schools in Bengaluru Urban from Friday onwards.

Classes for grades 6-9 in Bengaluru urban district will be suspended with immediate effect following the rising number of Covid cases in the city. 

The decision was announced by the department late on Thursday night.Classes for grade 10 and I and II PU will continue in the city. 

Currently,Vidyagama the continuous outreach programme,is underway for classes 6 and 7 in Bengaluru and regular classes for grade 8 upwards.

Classes till grade 9 will be suspended.However, offline classes for grades 6 upwards in other districts will continue.

The minister for primary and secondary education,S Suresh Kumar said that the decision was taken after a discussion with the chief minister taking into account the age and health of students.Attendance is not mandatory for class 10 students Suresh Kumar said in his statement.

Meanwhile,many private schools have already completed exams/tests for students of class I to IX and declared holidays and some schools have issued circular to parents and were about to start the New Academic year 2021-2022 by 5th April burdening parents to pay fees.But this order by Education department will be useful and helpful for students and parents and it is big slap to those private schools who were about to commence the new academic without government concerned.

Senior education department officials said,still parents are in problems due to the pandemic situation and still the cases are rising and many schools have voluntarily closed after their is spike in cases but some schools are violating the rules and regulations of department we will initiate strict action against the schools and management for violating the law he added.