Promising budding Actor set to set take off to Bollywood : 

Promising budding Actor set to set take off to Bollywood : 

Meet Aahana Bhanwadiya,budding actress aspire to make it big in Bollywood.Hailing from Gujarat and coming from a reputed family Aahana graduated but chose acting her career to realize her dream.

Here is what Aahana shares about her experience and challenges she faced to come in the film industry.

 Birth place,current location and education? 

On 5th of April I was welcomed warmly in this world and currently residing in mumbai and has completed graduation in commerce.

How it all started,I mean the journey of becoming an actress?

Well as they say no journey is easy and short - so was not mine too - I started my career Last year featuring in a Punjabi video - it’s been a long struggle and the juggle between dancing classes acting classes auditions and shoots is not easy but I am blessed enough that I got work and opportunity to work with good people since the beginning.

What are the challenges you faced ?

Challenges are like our breath - we can’t live without them and every time u need a new breath to live - challanges have been there in terms of acceptance by my family.

Challenges were in terms of public acceptability and confidence to face the camera.Well but the people who know me will always say “challanges are just by passers of my journey and nothing will stop me to grow in life”

What are your dreams?

My dreams are to achieve a lot in life with being the most humble person and to become a versatile actor.

We will be seeing you very soon in music videos, would you like to add something on it?

Yes my upcoming projects with are in pipeline are - a punjabi video and a web series - really excited to work on these and shall be lucky to show my talent to the world soon.

Your inspiration?

Anushka Sharma Kohli,The way she fights for her right and expression of freedom is just so inspiring to all the new comers like us.

Where do you see yourself after next 5 years ?
In terms of professional positioning I would like to do mainstream cinema and of-course be a great dancer as I love dancing !! In terms of personal front - the focus is to build career with strong morals of life.

How was the family reaction when they hears about her decision of career in film industry?

My parents were very happy and excited about me as they were surprised to see me on screen with their support and blessings today I reached to this stage.

Any tips for aspiring stars? 

The best tip I can give is have Patience when you decided to work in this industry.

What's your perception about the industry,,,is fair skin have more advantage over dark?

Fair skin or dark skin doesn’t really matters here if u have the talent.Well honestly speaking our industry is very funny,talent is not seen first but perceptions are made the most important requirements for skills - I mean a person who has to suit the role is more important or the colour ! So for me skin colour height weight or any other attributes do not matter !! What matters is talent and right approach to work !!

Any message to your fans?

Fans are the those because whom I am today - their unconditional love and constant support inspires me to work harder and give my best always !!! So yes my message is definitely “Thank You” to all my fans !!