Sushant is now under the protection of his mother

Sushant is now under the protection of his mother

Bangalore : After Chhichhore’ success Sushant was very excited about his future seven big projects. But from last six months he lost them all. This is the cruelty of Bollywood that took the life of very talented actor, said politician Sanjay Nirupam in his twitter.

Even after many hits Bollywood producers withdrew him from their projects. No Bollywood producer is mourning the death of Sushant today. Alia Bhat who is unaware of the name of the India president is ruling the film industry. On the other side very talented and academically brilliant Sushant has thrown out of the industry and also by his girlfriends.  What agenda is ruling this industry?. Even the fans, viewers don’t have any clue until the death of Sushant. Why don’t the so called Khans are opening their mouth. After everything is over Johars and Bhats are giving lectures. They were all avoided Sushant in every angle.

The entire media and the whole industry are responsible for the Sushant’s death. They totally failed to notice him. And when all is over politicians will give statements. Where were they all when Sushant was in depression. They have folded their eyes.

Sushant an extraordinary science student,a devotee of Lord Shiva, an affectionate brother, darling to his father, a very talented actor, could have been good life partner to his lover. No one reached to him. Only his mother welcomed him in her arms. May his soul rest on his mother’s lap.