The Chief Commissioner of BBMP took stock of various places in the city in view with the monsoon preparations*


*The Chief Commissioner of BBMP took stock of various places in the city in view with the monsoon preparations* 

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta on Thursday visited sensitive areas in the city which used to see flooding during the rainy season along with the chief engineer for storm water drain Mr Prahallad and head of engineering division Siddegowda along with other officials. 

*A drain near Galianjeneya temple*

The Vrishabhavathi storm water drain which flows near the temple used to overflow and enter the temple premises and the houses nearby if there's heavy rainfall. Due to this issue, time to time there was a cleaning work which was undertaken to remove the waste in the drain and ensure that the water flows easily. The engineering section Siddegowda told the commissioner that there are 2-3 storm water drain which joins this huge storm water drain ans there used to be a problem around the temple every time. But, after the cleaning work, now the water can flow down easily. 

The commissioner also noticed that there are houses which are built illegally adjoining the supporting walls of the drain and asked the engineers to take action and demolish the structures immediately. 

*Nayandahalli junction*

The heavy rains in the city used to gush the water out from the Vrishabhavathi storm water drain to the roads and it used to block the movement of the vehicles. The engineers appraised the commissioner that there has been pre-cast segments which are fixed in the downward road and the road is concretised which will fix this problem. The engineers also said that the are RCC walls which are built along the walls to ensure the water doesn't gush out of the drain to the roads. 

The drain water which comes from Banashankari ring road has caused some problem as the bridge road vent towards the drain is small and the water gushes out. The engineers suggested that there needs to be an elevation given to this bridge road to stop this problem in the future. 

*Dattatreya Layout and storm water drain inspection*

Last year, with heavy rains in the month of November, the layout areas were inundated due to the wall of the breakage in the wall of the drain. Now on the both walls RCC walls have been installed. With some work pending in the spot, the commissioner has asked the officials to expedite the action in priority and complete the work. 

*JC Road storm water drain*

In the last, the commissioner visited the storm water drain near the JC Road. He said that the buildings on both the side of the drain needs to be demolished immediately and asked them to take appropriate action.