*The State Development Council Meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister* 

*The State Development Council Meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister* 

*the State Development Council Meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister* 
Bengaluru, July 02: Karnataka Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan Act, 2013 has been implemented in the state for the development of Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes communities.  The Karnataka State Development Council meeting chaired by Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa approved the action plan.     

*Budget Allocation details for the year 2021-22*  

The Chief Minister said that Rs. 18,331.54 crore has been allocated for the development of Scheduled castes and Rs 7673.47 crore for Scheduled Tribes.  A sum of Rs 26,005.01 crore allocation has been provided through 35 development departments for the year 2021-22.   

Action plans of all departments has been discussed in detail and approved in today’s   council meeting.  

Installment of the first trimester has been released to all departments as per the SCSP/TSP Rules, 2017 and has been instructed to implement the spillover works.  

The action plan was presented before the State council after conducting Nodal agency meeting under the chairmanship of social welfare minister. 

The Action plans submitted by various departments were reviewed and then submitted with due recommendations and   necessary modifications.  
The Chief Minister instructed the officials to implement the programmes in a time bound manner. He said that the departments can issue Government orders, if necessary.  

Keeping the current situation in view, the departments must effectively implement   the development programmes and infrastructure facilities   including finance, education, health and others for the benefit of SC and STs, and 100% target must be achieved, the CM directed.   

Land allotment and other facilities distributed to SC/ST communities must be issued under joint names. It was decided to increase the subsidy amount given by central and state share from Rs 15,000 each to 20,000 given to SC/ST beneficiaries for construction of toilets/bathrooms.  

The CM said that there must be no loopholes in the implementation of these programmes. The programmes must be implemented with a focus on improving quality of life of SC/ST community. Officials must willingly implement the programmes.  Legal action will be taken against the officials if any discrepancies are found, the CM warned.  

*Progress in the year 2020-21* 
Rs.18,131.12 crore has been provided in the year 2020-21 for the development of Schedule castes, Rs.17,352.45 crore is spent achieving  96 %  progress. 
 Rs.7814.78 crore has been provided for the development of Schedule Tribes, Rs.7294.54 crore is spent   achieving  93 %  progress.  

Various development programmes are implemented by 36 departments, Rs.25,945.90 crore was allotted under SCSP/TSP schemes and Rs.24,646.99 crore has been spent . Percentage of progress  – 95%. 
In the year 2020-21, Rs.1594.40 crore was allotted for agriculture and animal husbandary projects and 14.89 lakh Scheduled Caste and 8.64 lakh Scheduled tribe beneficiaries are provided with different amenities.  

Rs.845.28 crore was allotted to Women and Child welfare department and 13.43 lakh Scheduled Caste and 6.00 lakh Scheduled tribe women and children are provided with nutritious food and other facilities.  

Rs.910.64 crore was allotted to Primary and secondary education department and 15.45 lakh Scheduled Caste and 6.40 lakh Scheduled tribe students were provided uniforms, bicycles and other fee payments, mid day meals and other facilities.  

Under Higher education department, College students were given various facilities at the cost of Rs.83.38 crore.  

Under Rural Development and Panchayat Raj department, Swatch Bharat Drinking water and MNAREGA projects are implemented at the cost of Rs.2888.28 crore. 5.81 lakh Scheduled Caste and 3.22 lakh Scheduled tribe beneficiaries are given different facilities.  

Revenue department has spent Rs. 284.27 crore under Social Security schemes and different pensions are given to 17.34 lakh Scheduled Caste and 7.29 lakh Scheduled tribe beneficiaries.  

Energy Department has provided subsidy for 10 HP pumpsets/ Electricity for borewells under Ganga Kalyan shceme , Kuteera jyothi/Bhagya jyothi schemes to 6.53 lakh Scheduled Caste and 2.81 lakh Scheduled tribe farmers at the cost of Rs. 2159.74 crore .  

Housing facilities are given to 24,290 Scheduled Caste and 9,546 Scheduled tribe families under Housing department at a cost of Rs.863.41 crore.  

Rs.5535.88 crore were spent on different projects by PWD, Urban Development, Water Resources and Planning departments.  

Under Health and Medical Education Department, Rs.1055.33 crore has been spent on 2.37 lakh Scheduled Caste and 1 lakh Scheduled tribe beneficiaries to provide various facilities.  

Food and Civil Supplies Department has distributed ration to 17.65 lakh Scheduled Caste and 7.28 lakh Scheduled tribe BPL card families under Annabhagya scheme at the cost of Rs. 780.97 crore. 
Under Social Welfare Department, Rs.3200.87 crore for scheduled caste and Rs.1270.50 crore for Scheduled Tribes was spent on scholarships, hostels and residential school management, subsidy and other welfare programmes under different boards are being implemented. 11.73 lakh scheduled caste and 4.62 lakh scheduled tribe beneficiaries are benefitted. 
1.46 lakh students are studying in KREIS residential schools. Various development programmes are implemented by Skill development, Information, Youth Empowerment, IT&BT, Small Scale Industries departments. 
Govind Karjol, DCM, Lakshman Savadi, DCM and Transport Minister, B.Sriramulu, Social Welfare Minister, K.S.Eshwarappa, RDPR Minister,Legislators Raju Gowda, N.Mahesh, S.Raghu, Aihole Duryodhana and MP Dr.G.Umesh Jadhav and P.Ravikumar, Chief Secretary, Dr.N.Nagambika Devi, Additional Chief Secretary and others were present.