Unidentified persons run car about 2km with a man on its bonnet


Bengaluru: June 15, 7:30pm.  Shankare Gowda a car driver was filling diesel for his car at the petrol bunk near Shankaramata. When he was about to pay the bill three persons  in the Swift car began to shout at him to remove his car immediately. Without giving him time, three persons came out of the car and hit on Shankare Gowda’s face. They tried to run the car over him but Shankare Gowda escapes jumping on the Swift car’s bonnet. Not giving chance to move down the persons ran the Swift car carelessly for about 2km. Holding the car wipers Shankare Gowda screamed at the public to help to stop the car. When public tried to stop the car, they moved in the narrow road. Shanakare Gowda falls on the road. Three persons sped away. A complaint has been registered in Basaveshwaranagara Police station.

Shrinivas, a friend of Shankare Gowda also a driver said “ if he didn’t hold the car wiper tightly, the car could have run over him. He is a family man, earning Rs 300 in the corona lockdown period. It is very difficult for us to fulfill our daily demands. If anything happens to him who is responsible for his family. I appeal to Police to investigate the matter quickly. Car unions should support him to get justice.”