*Work in rural areas: Health Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar appeals to young doctors* *Studying in abroad is good, but return and do service in India*

*Work in rural areas: Health Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar appeals to young doctors*  *Studying in abroad is good, but return and do service in India*

Mysuru, November 11, 2020*: Doctors should be willing to serve in rural areas as 70% of the population resides in Rural India says Health and Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar. He was speaking in 11th convocation ceremony of JSS Higher education and research academy here in Mysuru on Wednesday. 

Government has made it mandatory for the post graduate medical students to serve in rural areas after completion of their studies. 2500 medicos will be completing their graduation this year. Doctors should be responsible enough to serve in rural areas on humanitarian grounds.  

Some doctors have appealed in the court against this policy. They should withdraw their appeal and serve voluntarily in rural areas. You are free to study abroad but, return back to mother land and serve here after the completion of studies. The Minister advised the medical grads. 

There is one doctor for every 11-12 thousand people in the state. A bed is available for every thousand people. As per the WHO standards, there should be a doctor for every thousand people and 2.7 beds per thousand population. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government has given approval to establish 150 medical colleges in last 6 years. Additional 17,000 seats have been added to post graduate courses. Health sector has been strengthened by all these measures. Explained Dr.Sudhakar.

Pandemic has been managed well in India. Global Mortality rate due to Covid is at 3.8%, but it is 1.4% in the country and 1.3% in the state. Earlier we have 19% positivity rate in some districts, but it is reduced to 2.2% now. Said the Minister.

JSS Institution has been the pride of Karnataka and has brought laurels to the state at global arena. JSS should grow on the lines of ancient Indian Universities like Nalanda and Takshashila. The war against Covid is still on. JSS has provided 1,800 bedded hospital and staff for this purpose and actively participated in this fight. Praised Dr.Sudhakar.

Sutturu seer Shri Shri Shivaratri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji was present during the event.

*Other Points made by the Minister*

• We are committed to provide quality health care at affordable prises. Around 1.5 Crore families in the state are benefitted from Ayushman Bharat-Arogya Karnataka scheme.

• 60% of the people in our country are incurring out-of-the-pocket expenditure on health care. We have free health care services but quality needs to be improved.

• New medical colleges will come up in Chikkaballapur, Haveri and Yadgir

*Congress is disconnected from ground reality*

Congress is disconneted from ground reality and its leaders doesn't understand have their ears to the ground. That’s the reason they have failed miserably. I had told earlier that Muniratna is going to win RR Nagar with more than 50 thousand votes. Same thing happened. BJP takes up every single election as a challenge. That’s the reason we have won both seats in  bypolls and all 4 MLC seats, which has further strengthened the party. Said Dr.Sudhakar.